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(4/15/03 11:21:27 am)
demo submission policy
i know you are in a band or know of a neat band
and would like to submit a demo to unfun

please do the following

copy your shit (dont send your master u fool!)
cd is prefered, however any format is fine. even 8-track ;)
if you have packaging, thatx great, if not, cdrs are fine.

mail it first class or media mail (to save you $$$) :b
along with any promo/contact info to:

1780 43rd ave #a
capitola ca 95010

PLEASE include an email address and or phone #
to contact you at.

if you do not hear a response from us
it either means:
A) it was rea;lly horrible
B)i didnt like it personally
C)you should stop playing music
D)there was no $100 bills attached to it

if you think that those weren't the problem
and you still didn't hear a reply
then its most likely one of these problems:
a)i'm too busy (work, school what have you)
b)too lazy
d)never got the demo
e)didn't listen to it yet
f)lost it (or your contact info)
g)the list goes on and on

so my suggestions are:
-send me and email a week or so after sending it
-ask me to comment on what i thought of it
-send me your more current demo
-email me with more INFO about your band
-post something here!!!:D

other info about demos submitted

-i listen to them all
-i never throw any away
-i may copy them for a friend or give it away later
- i may ask if you want to place a song on a compilation
-i misplace some, especially ones not clearly labeled.
-i dont send them back (unless ur gonna give me postage!)

ok i think thats about it.

:x ^^^^^^^^^johnny^^^^^^^^^ :x