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to order, send well concealed cash, personal check or money order to
po box 40307
berkeley ca 94704
distro and other retadeleases
in other words
other things we sell

Abhorrance : Lowering the Spirits of a Narcissistic Superhero 7" 5$ or cd/ep 8$

I loVE aBHORRANCE . . . . this band is taking over where Fury 66 left off, may very well put santa cruz back on the map
they crush punk and metal into this skate blend of an un-hardcore manner. am i on crack?! or am i just amped??
amped: intoxicated with amphetamines. From AMP (q.v.) with reinfordement from "ampere." [U.S. drug culture, mid 1900s-present.]

Exploding Crustaceans : Dudes and Bros cd 10$

Santa Cruz punk overflowing with the sweet bloody tang of metal. Rock at its finest.

Under A Dying Sun : Hangman's Day cd 10$
ps, we have about 50 left still!!!
Hailing from Half Moon Bay CA, these men (& woman) recreate scenes of the struggle
between fury and serenity through dynamical pieces. includes bonus live tracks

Under A Dying Sun : These Stitches 7" (out of print) cd 8$

A first release for both unfun and underadyingsun, sold out quick with 100red 200black vinyl. This band was first to make my heart skip again, and never seems to let my musical spirit down. A-side + B-side = 1 song. packaging was an intense hands on affair which had nearly crippled the band. ALthough the 7inch has been sold out literally since day 1, there was left over cds we had hand silk screened and packaged for tour that we have. About 50 of those were made, and theres about 10 left over, recently discovered. and fuck you, this ain't no emo diaries bullshit.

Time Spent Driving : Walls Between Us cd 10$

Sessions Records bound band with slow paced simple rock passages and catchy riffs

abhorrance - lowering the spirits... (cdep/7"):evil
alkaline trio - maybe i'll catch fire (cd)
an arrow in flight - various movements.. (cdep)
autumnfair - s/t (10")
beastie boys - def before dishonor (cd)
blue water boy - s/t (cd)
the broadways - broken van (cd)
deception bay - fortune days (10")
deception bay - s/t (12")
defiant trespass - where there is hope...(7")
drowning in lethe - s/t (7")
entragian - s/t (cdep)
exploding crustaceans - dudes & bros (cd)
for against - in the marshes (10")
fourwaycross - original dream (7")
fourwaycross - pendulum (10")
fourwaycross - s/t (12")
fourwaycross - on the other hand (cd)
funeral diner/the shivering split (12")OOP only 4 left!!:eek
half string - tripped up breathing (cdep)
half string - a facination with heights (cd)
half string - eclipse (7")
half string - oval (7")
indian bingo/ambulance split (7")
indian bingo - big rock (7")
jawbreaker - live in belfast,ireland (cd)
l-dopa - volume 1 (cd)
link 80 - the struggle continues (cd)
manner farm - black stars r 4 anarchists (cd/12")
party boys - no aggro (12")
quest for quintanaroo - the only way (7") OOP a couple left
ruhaeda - s/t (12")
stalins war - new ep (7"/cdep)
timespentdriving - walls between us (cdep)
under a dying sun - these stitches (cd) 7"sold out still have 10 (out of 50 made) cd copies left!!!!!:evil
under a dying sun - hangman's day (cd) OOP!! few left!!!!:evil
under a dying sun - when walls are built (7")
v/a - mailorder in still fun [asianman] (cd-comp)
v/a - unfun sampler :rollin (cd-comp)


cd = 10$
cdep = 6$
7" 4$
12" 8$
comp 2$

cd - compact disk
cdep - 5 or 6 song cd
7" - record single
12" - record full length
comp - compilation
v/a - various artists
s/t - self titled album

some releases
are on 2 formats
please specify
intended format.
(ex.) cd/7" is
cd, and vinyl.