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Once upon a time there was a most awful and wicked koala named Kidd Koala. One time, he even bit his own mother
when he was still in her pouch! The most disturbing of all was that Kidd Koala never seemed to get in trouble, for anything.
All the other koalas loved to live together in their Tree Village as one happy koala family.

Kid Koalaís bratty nature was a curse from the gods, the koala village decided, but despite this, they loved him the same.
Henry Koala, who was a kind, well mannered, koala, tried to teach Kidd to respect the other koalas. Kidd pretended to listen,
but underneath it all, he only thought of himself and what trouble he would cause next.

After his morning lecture from Henry, Kidd Koala set off to the tribe to see what fun he could make of the day. Kidd came
across Ben Koala, busy with his chores. Kidd Koala ran up from behind Ben, and snatched his broom away. Kidd Koala
ran around, riding the broom like a pony, shouting and having a grand time. Finally he took notice of the long face of Ben,
which seemed to get even longer when Kiddís red eyes met his. Kidd whispered into Benís furry ear, and then giggled in delight.
Benís face went white and his head bowed as if he couldnít help but go along with whatever Kidd had told him.

That next morning, the villages leaf supply was missing, and also were Ben and Kidd Koala. The two had
ventured out past Tree Village into the highest mountains of the earth, where only the most wise of all koalas lived.
They were larger than the koalas of Tree Village, and lived in caves. Ben carried the leaves on his sled as Kidd marched
further ahead, leading the way. Upon reaching the mountain koalas, Kidd decided to let Ben go home.

Kidd, fat from leaves soon fell asleep. He awoke from several loud voices, in another koala language he could barely understand.
It seemed to him, they were picking a king and queen koala. Kidd decided at once that he wanted the job.
Sitting and sleeping all day would be a great life. Kidd listened as much as he could as to when and where the
king and queen would have to meet to begin their voyage to their new kingdom.

Kidd ran home and hatched a plan. Kidd Koala then approached the loveliest koala he knew, named Gwen Koala,
telling her lies that thieves stole the leaves, and that he needed her help. Gwen was kind to Kidd despite his past
and offered to help. The two took off to the mountains. Kidd peered through bushes to see the wise mountain koalas in a
large gathering. On the stage were two young koalas, which were soon to be royalty. The chief koala was
talking to a man who took the young koalas up the mountain.

Kidd Koala grabbed Gwen, and followed them. Finally they reached a large boat atop the mountain.
When the old man reached the entrance to the boat, Kidd yelled and ran to them,
dragging Gwen behind. He convinced the old man that he and Gwen were supposed to go instead
of the others. Kidd ran atop the boat and shouted to the mountain koalas that he had tricked them, and was
to become the new king koala. It began raining, and flooding as the boat on the mountain became a boat on the sea.

They sailed for months, and when they arrived, Kidd Koala was first off the boat, but was
shocked to find no kingdom. The old man condemned Kidd and Gwen to a deserted Island
for tricking him. Kidd was finally sad, angered and alone, as even Gwen ignored him. She bore
baby koalas, but made Kidd Koala live in a tree by himself to live a solemn life. And still today the male koala
lives angry and alone to bare the fate of Kidd Koala.